Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So I'm not a mixtress right? Wrong!!! Whipped Shea Butter Creme

You know, I'm just going to stop saying what I won't do as a natural.  I remember a salon conversation I had with Taji where we were talking about how easy it is to make simple products at home.  I told her I'm not trying to be a mixtress, if I can find it at the store I'll buy it.  Let's see...since then I've made a styling cocktail with Curls Creme Brule and Aloe Vera Gel, I've made a moisturizing mist, I make a leave in conditioner, and now a whipped shea butter cream. 

I use this creme to set my twists and to seal my ends.  It also doubles as a great body butter.  It used naptural85's recipie and added lemongrass essential oils to it to mask the shea butter smell.  It keeps my hair very soft & my hair moistured so I really like it.

Ingredients Used

Recipie:  4 oz. raw unrefined shea butter, 1 tbs coconut oil, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp castor oil, 1tbsp jojoba oil, 1/2 tsp vitamin E & I added lemongrass essential oil to give it a different scent than just shea butter.

Finished product in container

Consistency - very thick but creamy

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