Friday, July 1, 2011

A Week of Twist Outs & An Apology

So first, the apology.  I am so sorry for disappearing for a week!  OMGosh!  I have had a very busy and tiring 3 weeks and I just needed to go off the radar for a while.  But I'm back and with pictures!

So this post is just a follow up to my twist-outs that I did last week. Some quick facts:
1. The Curls Goddess Curls - LOVE for giving hold to a twist out.  It held up in the humidity and did not flake all week, YES!
2. I did re-twist every night.  Sometimes with more twists, sometimes with fewer depending on how tired I was but I like the definition so I retwisted.
3. Once I untwisted the actual twist, I didn't separate any further.  Maintained my definition and helped to minimize frizz.  I just fluffed with my fingers at the roots to cover my parts.
3.  I moisturized once during the week with my water, glycerin, and aloe vera juice.  Kept my hair super soft.
4.  I noticed A LOT less shedding when I did my wash at the end of the week. A huge PLUS!

Here are the pictures:




I'm feeling good about how my twist out turned out this week.  I look forward to doing more as my hair continues to grow!

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