Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Protective Style - Two Strand Twists w/ Extensions

A protective style is a great way to minimize wear and tear on your natural hair.  Your hair is considered to be "protected" when your ends are covered from the environment & there is minimal daily manipulation that your hair has to endure.  This style came at a perfect time.  I had just attempted a roller set and had a huge failure in that style.  When I say huge, I mean HUGE, ENORMOUS, EPIC!  LOL.  I had planned to do a post about it, but I just didn't have the heart.  I couldn't bear the sight of those pictures being on the web....forever.

I resorted back to my wash and go after that style and anxiously awaited my salon visit this past Friday.  My stylist, Taji created this style by adding Sensual Afro Kinky Bulk hair in 14' to my own hair and 2 strand twisting it. This style should last about 8 -10 weeks if properly cared for (which it will be!).  I've had it in 4 days so far and I love how carefree it is and I've received numerous compliments.

This will give me and my hair a much needed break and hopefully help with my goal of retaining length.  Check out other pictures of the style below.

At Soul Picnic with Lateshia

Monday, September 19, 2011

9 Month Post Big Chop Length Check!

Today is a my salon appointment day!  (Insert happy dance, whoop! whoop! whoop!)  All of you know as much as enjoy learning about my hair by doing my own hair, I really miss my salon appointments from my relaxed days.  That was my treat to myself.  So today I'm back in Taji's chair today getting her signature 2 strand twists with extensions.  My next post will be about that style including pictures.

So before my hair was styled, I asked her to take pictures of my hair length.  Currently, the front of my hair is down to my top lip!  OMG!  Check out pictures of my hair length on the side and rear below.  This was freshly shampooed & conditioned hair with no product added. We're on the grow!

Additional information:  I transitioned for 6 months prior to my big chop.  For more information about my transition click here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Recognizable Natural - KImberly Elise

This week's recognizable natural feature is Ms. Kimberly Elise.  Kimberly Elise is a popular African American actress.  She is most known for her tragic character roles.  She has has played in many movies that have been box office successes including:  Set It Off, Beloved, Tyler Perry's Diary of a Black Woman and For Colored Girls.  Kimberly Elise has a way of making the view feel the range of emotions that she emits from the screen.  Whether she is crying out for her children in For Colored Girls or expressing the joy of finding new love in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, she powerfully brings us along for the journey.  She is also the recipient of four NAACP Image awards.

Though in her character roles Ms. Elise wears a variety of hairstyles, she has beautiful naturally curly hair.  Check out the pictures below:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Little Bun That Could...

Last week, I just did not want to spend  a lot of time doing my hair.   But I knew it needed to be shampooed so I was looking for a quick style to do so I went with this popular protective style.  I was sooo excited that my hair was long enough to bun!  Because it is one of the smallest buns I've ever seen, I titled it "the little bun that could" (you know like the little engine that could?  ok, it was funny to me)....LOLOL.  I wore this style all week and all I did was tie my hair down at night.  It was a great style because I was able to work out & was low maintenance all week.

Steps to achieving this look:

1. Shampoo, condition & detangle hair, rinse, apply leave in conditioner and add oil to seal moisture.
2. Section off front portion of hair for bangs
3. Apply favorite gel (I used Ecostyler w/ Argan Oil) to perimeter of hair (top, sides, & back) to smooth hair down.  Use a soft brush to gather hair in the back.
4. Use Goody Ouchless Ponytail holder to gather hair.
5. Fan  & wrap exposed hair around the base of the ponytail. (Make sure your ends are moisturized before doing this.)
6.  Use 2nd Goody Ouchless Poneytail holder to secure the hair.
7.  Two strand twist your bangs with your favorite styler in medium sized twists
8.  Styling options for bangs:  Pin twists in a pin curl, undo two strand twists & allow bangs to hang, unravel two strand twists and pin backwards creating a pompadour.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Erykah Badu

Another popular figure that is synonymous with natural hair is Erykah Badu.  Ms. Badu is not just an amazing vocalist, but her music empowers women (something we should be greatful for with the way current popular music devalues women...but I'll leave that alone) and addresses current issues.   Each of her albums' most popular songs are meaningful,  thought provoking and (in my personal opinion) soft calls to action to change one's behavior.  Just a couple of examples are:  Tyrone (Baduism - Live); love yourself enough to get out a relationship where you don't feel valued, Bag Lady (Mama's Gun); get healed from the emotional baggage that keeps you from moving forward in your life.

And then there's. the. hair.  Along with Erykah's amazing music is her eclectic sense of style.  Whether it's her clothing, videos or hair, it's all uniquely, boldly, confidently Erykah.  Check out the below photos of some of her stylings.

                         I'm posting this video just because I love it & the movie it came from!  Enjoy!

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