Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Protective Style - Two Strand Twists w/ Extensions

A protective style is a great way to minimize wear and tear on your natural hair.  Your hair is considered to be "protected" when your ends are covered from the environment & there is minimal daily manipulation that your hair has to endure.  This style came at a perfect time.  I had just attempted a roller set and had a huge failure in that style.  When I say huge, I mean HUGE, ENORMOUS, EPIC!  LOL.  I had planned to do a post about it, but I just didn't have the heart.  I couldn't bear the sight of those pictures being on the web....forever.

I resorted back to my wash and go after that style and anxiously awaited my salon visit this past Friday.  My stylist, Taji created this style by adding Sensual Afro Kinky Bulk hair in 14' to my own hair and 2 strand twisting it. This style should last about 8 -10 weeks if properly cared for (which it will be!).  I've had it in 4 days so far and I love how carefree it is and I've received numerous compliments.

This will give me and my hair a much needed break and hopefully help with my goal of retaining length.  Check out other pictures of the style below.

At Soul Picnic with Lateshia


  1. Very cute style! I might have to look into this for the winter--I'll need all the protection from the Wisconsin snow I can get. :)

  2. Nita girrlll!! This is too cute. Your stylist really knows how to do her thing. I understand what you mean about your epic fail. I tried the coil out and umm it was a hot mess.

    I hope you do some posts on different ways you style your new protective do.

  3. @ Love, Joy Yes, it's a great protective style and as I'm finding, very versatile. I moisturize with my moisturizing mist weekly.

    @purplegirl48 You read my mind. Yes, I will be demonstrating different styles on this. You know I get bored very easily and I love to change up my look!

  4. Hi!! I was wondering where did you buy the Sensual hair? I've been calling around to shops around Raleigh and they all say they don't carry the brand. Did you have to order it online?


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