Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Little Bun That Could...

Last week, I just did not want to spend  a lot of time doing my hair.  Did.not.want.to.do.it.   But I knew it needed to be shampooed so I was looking for a quick style to do so I went with this popular protective style.  I was sooo excited that my hair was long enough to bun!  Because it is one of the smallest buns I've ever seen, I titled it "the little bun that could" (you know like the little engine that could?  ok, it was funny to me)....LOLOL.  I wore this style all week and all I did was tie my hair down at night.  It was a great style because I was able to work out & was low maintenance all week.

Steps to achieving this look:

1. Shampoo, condition & detangle hair, rinse, apply leave in conditioner and add oil to seal moisture.
2. Section off front portion of hair for bangs
3. Apply favorite gel (I used Ecostyler w/ Argan Oil) to perimeter of hair (top, sides, & back) to smooth hair down.  Use a soft brush to gather hair in the back.
4. Use Goody Ouchless Ponytail holder to gather hair.
5. Fan  & wrap exposed hair around the base of the ponytail. (Make sure your ends are moisturized before doing this.)
6.  Use 2nd Goody Ouchless Poneytail holder to secure the hair.
7.  Two strand twist your bangs with your favorite styler in medium sized twists
8.  Styling options for bangs:  Pin twists in a pin curl, undo two strand twists & allow bangs to hang, unravel two strand twists and pin backwards creating a pompadour.

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