Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Erykah Badu

Another popular figure that is synonymous with natural hair is Erykah Badu.  Ms. Badu is not just an amazing vocalist, but her music empowers women (something we should be greatful for with the way current popular music devalues women...but I'll leave that alone) and addresses current issues.   Each of her albums' most popular songs are meaningful,  thought provoking and (in my personal opinion) soft calls to action to change one's behavior.  Just a couple of examples are:  Tyrone (Baduism - Live); love yourself enough to get out a relationship where you don't feel valued, Bag Lady (Mama's Gun); get healed from the emotional baggage that keeps you from moving forward in your life.

And then there's. the. hair.  Along with Erykah's amazing music is her eclectic sense of style.  Whether it's her clothing, videos or hair, it's all uniquely, boldly, confidently Erykah.  Check out the below photos of some of her stylings.

                         I'm posting this video just because I love it & the movie it came from!  Enjoy!

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