Friday, December 2, 2011

Recognizable Naturals - Raven Symone

As we are entering the holiday season, the one that reminds us of the birth of a special child (Jesus Christ) and the season that makes all children's eyes sparkle, I decided to feature young naturals for my recognizable naturals for the month of December.

First up, Raven Symone.  I remember when this adorable little girl (now grown woman) hit the screens as Olivia on the Cosby Show.  This little girl stole our heart with her adorable innocence and never gave it back. She went on to star in her own show on Disney, That's So Raven as well as try her hand at singing with 4 solo albums and with the Cheetah Girls.  Raven became a brand!  Still in her early 20's, she has been a positive representation of young people in the entertainment industry which is so refreshing to see.  In 2011, Raven hit scene revealing a remarkable weight loss.  She has always been beautiful and her slimmed physique just adds a healthy outlook to her beauty and grace.

I was pleasantly surprised to read on CurlyNikki that Raven had decided to go natural.  She was one of the individuals that was interviewed in Chris Rock's "Good Hair" movie and talked about wearing a weave and having curly hair underneath.  I totally missed it then but when she did the interview on Curly Nikki along with pictures, I felt it was remarkable of her to step out of that industry standard and wear her own hair.  I still see her go back to wearing a weave, which is the wonderful flexibility that we all have, but I have seen her with her hair out more.

Check out these pictures below.  That's SO Raven!

Just a flash back to the old Olivia....

Love these moments from this segment:  "You got it!",  facial expression at 1:45,  "That's not a baby!" "What is it?"  "That's gas!" with a satisfied head nod.  You just gotta love this kid!

Look out for other young recognizable naturals!


  1. Wow! She is gorgeous as always. I love her hair. She has lost a lot of weight as well. Beautiful.


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