Monday, April 8, 2013

Wash & Go Variation For A Springtime Evening Out

Well, it looks like Spring is finally ready to arrive with warm temperatures!!!  *insert happy dance*  This weekend in NC, it was in the 60's and this week will bring a week's worth of 70 degree temperatures.  Now we can wear our cute, flirty, flowing, colorful outfits.  Along with that comes carefree, fun hairstyles.  Around this time last year I had a date for a comedy show and created a very fun look that was easy to achieve.

To achieve this look:

  • After cleansing and moisturizing I slicked back the front of hair with Argon Oil Ecostyler Gel
  • Then I smoothed back the front of my hair with the side of my brush (not the direct bristles) 
  • I used bobbypins to secure my hair just beyond the crest of my head
  • I applied Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel in an attempt to define my curls but this gel is just not heavy enough to provide curl definition to my texture I still liked the results though
  • For a more island look, I attached a hot pink flower to my hair
  • As my hair dried, I used a pic to shape my hair.  (Funny story, I was asked if this was my real hair.  Yes it is!)
  • The outfit I wore was a Grecian style one shoulder tunic with black leggings. I wore 4 inch strappy heels. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE: Return of the Curls "Curls Gone Wild" Hair Show & Natural Hair Expo & Tweet Chat!

I am so excited to announce that Return of The Curls will be bringing their Curls Gone Wild Natural Hair Expo & Hair Show to North Carolina!  Last year, the event was hosted in Virginia and featured guests such as celebrity natural hair stylist, Felicia Leatherwood, vloggers Jenelle of Kinky Curly Koily Me! & Nina of BeautifulBrownBabydoll & founder & creator of Jessicurl, Jessica McGuinty.  This year's event has been expanded to 2 cities & states of which Greensboro, NC is one!  Other Return of the Curls events will be held in:
  • May 4 &5 2013 Richmond International Raceway Richmond, VA
No matter which location you attend, you can expect on site consultations from stylists that specialize in curly hair, product giveaways, hair shows, workshops & vendors!  What's so exciting is that in North Carolina we will have NC's own, Curly Nikki of  & recently published curly girl guidebook Better Than Good Hair!

I am honored to be partnering with Keenya Kelly and her amazing team to share the news about the Return of the Curls events this year.  Look for more posts about details for these Expos as they develop!


Updated Perm Rod Set

During my natural hair journey, I have done several perm rod sets on my hair.  I did this one on my twa and I loved the results.  I used Jane Carter's Wrap & Roll to set my hair.

Then in December 2012, I did this perm rod set using Qhemet Biologics & Taji's Aloe Jelly to style my hair on the perm rods.  In both cases, the style lasted about a day because the hold was so soft and because of humidity.
This time because I understand my hair a little better, I used different products for my perm rod set.  First, I understand that my hair has high porosity which means it loves moisture.  This is detrimental to any sort of smooth curly style.  So to minimize some of this, I used Giovanni's Direct Moisture Leave-In Conditioner instead of my usual Koils by Nature Shealoe leave in.  The KBN leave in has glycerin which is a humectant meaning it draws moisture to the hair so eliminating this helped to maintain my style longer.  Then I used the Koils by Nature Herbal Gel to set the style.  Another thing that I did differently with maintaining this style was to sleep on a satin pillowcase instead of putting a satin bonnet on my head.  The satin bonnet tended to just mash my curls down.

Want to see what my new & improved technique looks like?  Check it out after the break!

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