Monday, April 8, 2013

Wash & Go Variation For A Springtime Evening Out

Well, it looks like Spring is finally ready to arrive with warm temperatures!!!  *insert happy dance*  This weekend in NC, it was in the 60's and this week will bring a week's worth of 70 degree temperatures.  Now we can wear our cute, flirty, flowing, colorful outfits.  Along with that comes carefree, fun hairstyles.  Around this time last year I had a date for a comedy show and created a very fun look that was easy to achieve.

To achieve this look:

  • After cleansing and moisturizing I slicked back the front of hair with Argon Oil Ecostyler Gel
  • Then I smoothed back the front of my hair with the side of my brush (not the direct bristles) 
  • I used bobbypins to secure my hair just beyond the crest of my head
  • I applied Koils by Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel in an attempt to define my curls but this gel is just not heavy enough to provide curl definition to my texture I still liked the results though
  • For a more island look, I attached a hot pink flower to my hair
  • As my hair dried, I used a pic to shape my hair.  (Funny story, I was asked if this was my real hair.  Yes it is!)
  • The outfit I wore was a Grecian style one shoulder tunic with black leggings. I wore 4 inch strappy heels. 


  1. You look so 'Lady Sings the Blues' Nita. Love it.

    1. Aww how sweet! Thank you so much! I need to try this look again this summer!


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