Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Updated Perm Rod Set

During my natural hair journey, I have done several perm rod sets on my hair.  I did this one on my twa and I loved the results.  I used Jane Carter's Wrap & Roll to set my hair.

Then in December 2012, I did this perm rod set using Qhemet Biologics & Taji's Aloe Jelly to style my hair on the perm rods.  In both cases, the style lasted about a day because the hold was so soft and because of humidity.
This time because I understand my hair a little better, I used different products for my perm rod set.  First, I understand that my hair has high porosity which means it loves moisture.  This is detrimental to any sort of smooth curly style.  So to minimize some of this, I used Giovanni's Direct Moisture Leave-In Conditioner instead of my usual Koils by Nature Shealoe leave in.  The KBN leave in has glycerin which is a humectant meaning it draws moisture to the hair so eliminating this helped to maintain my style longer.  Then I used the Koils by Nature Herbal Gel to set the style.  Another thing that I did differently with maintaining this style was to sleep on a satin pillowcase instead of putting a satin bonnet on my head.  The satin bonnet tended to just mash my curls down.

Want to see what my new & improved technique looks like?  Check it out after the break!

Day 1

Day 2 Hair - Hair was pushed up on the sides during sleep so it sorta stuck out in the morning but it fell into place during the day.

Day 3 Hair - Right above the ears was getting frizzy so I pinned it up a little to camouflage.

Day 4 Hair -I Pulled hair back slightly with a doubled Ouchless Hairband & then added this beautiful silk scarf to accessorize.

I absolutely love this style and the different looks that can be achieved during the week.  I will certainly recreate this style again during my journey.

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