Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For Discussion -" I Hate the Natural Hair Movement" Article

Photo is not of the columnist

I recently read this article on a natural hair care forum.  It made me think, hmm are we new naturals a little too serious about this natural hair thing?

Here's my opinion:  Hair has long been a "serious" thing for woman no matter what race, no matter what length or condition (chemically treated or not).  Open any woman's magazine, I would dare say that 40% of the advertisements are related to hair products.  So I don't think hair has just become serious to women.  Hair is just as serious to women as is cosmetics, purses, shoes, in general.  I think the sensitivity comes to this particular author because her experience as a natural has changed so much over the duration of her "journey".  When she first went natural in 1996, wearing afro textured hair not relaxed was not the norm, she was not in the majority.  So the few negative comments that we experience in the post "Good Hair" movie era, she received in abundance and relatively alone.  There was no natural hair meetup for her in the mid-ninety's, no blogs, no Youtube channels (was there Youtube in 1996?).  Bitter? Possibly.  As she talks about doing her 2nd big chop in 2009 and having new naturals giving her advice, I can see how she might bristle at this.  It's like a teenager who just got their license trying to tell someone who's been driving for 20 years how to drive.  It's just the excitement of gaining new knowledge and wanting to share with everyone.  So to net it out (because I feel a rambling tangent coming on), I do believe that there is a crazed passion that is going on in the natural hair community right now.  But I embrace it.  My hair (relaxed or natural) has always been important to me as it is to most women.  Our hair concerns are an experience unique to women that bonds us together as much as our monthly visitor from Aunt Flo.  Men don't get it but we all do.  And as with every new experience I have in life, I've learned and continue to learn a little bit more about myself.  I would caution that we not look down on our sistas who have chosen to chemically treat their hair (and I've seen touches of this in various places).  Their decision should be respected just like we want our decision respected.  All in all, whatever a woman's decision is regarding her hair, if it brings HER joy, that's all that matters right?  Ms. Lady, chill out, it's not that serious. LOL.

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  2. I am the author of the article you speak. There is no bitterness my sistah. As I stated I love the fact that more of us are not slaves to relaxers. However from being natural for so long I have seen the evolution and it is now a badge of honor and so many of our natural sistahs frown upon the choices of others if they take another hair route.
    I do not like the divisiveness that I see based on another form of our outward appearance. Whether it be skin color, hair texture or hairstyle choice we must using them as ways to divide my beautiful Black people.

    1. LuuLuu, thank you so much for commenting and chiming in. I also don't like the "natural police" who have become extremely radical in their definition of natural hair. I personally don't look down on anyone based on how they choose to wear their hair. To me it's all about what makes that person feels comfortable in their own skin (and that includes wearing a relaxer, weave, wig, locs, color, etc.). You open up a whole new discussion in regards to how we use our diversity to divide rather than to unify us as a people. We should explore that more. Maybe a collaboration? Let me know your thoughts.

  3. I am always open to dialogue. Feel free to contact me.


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