Monday, April 4, 2011

Do You Miss Salon Visits? I Do!

Comb coils with 2 strand flat twists

Friday, I went to Taji's Natural Hair Styling to get my hair done.  I looked forward to the experience all week.  For me going to the hair salon when I was relaxed, was my one regularly scheduled (every other week, reoccuring appt to be exact) pampering session.  For me it was nothing better than laying back in that shampoo bowl and having my scalp massaged (it makes a smile come to my face just thinking about it)!  Then because I am a natural extrovert, I enjoyed the experience of being in a shop full of women and chatting about our day, men (of course) and current events.  Such is the case when I go to Taji's.  It's a professional salon, I get seen on time, I have a great rapport with my stylist and others in the salon so I love going!

One of my major goals as a natural in addition to growing healthy hair is to learn for the first time in my life to style my own hair.  Another one of my goals is to find another way to save money.  Though I will splurge from time to time, I find that when it comes to spending my money, I tend to be more practical.  I won't get too deep into that (it's a WHOLE 'nother post), but debt is evil..... 

I really enjoyed my experience on Friday.  I enjoyed getting pampered so I've made a decision is that I will get my hair professionally done at least once a quarter and of course for special occasions. My hair is still fairly short so my at home maintenance is still relatively easy.  And let's just face it, I like playing in my natural hair!

Let's look at the comparison what I WOULD have spent on relaxed hair care versus what I have spent on natural hair care since December 2010.  I have not counted products because I bought product as a relaxed hair girl as well.

Relaxed Salon Care
6 shampoo & roller sets   at $35210
2 relaxer at $60120


Natural Salon Care
Big Chop/Comb Coils85
Partial 2 strand twist80
Comb coils55

I plan to wear my comb coils for about 2 weeks.  The pictures I have posted are day 3 hair.  All I do to maintain is to sleep in a satin bonnet and fluff in the morning with coconut oil.

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  1. It looks beautiful, Nita. I wish there was a natural salon where I live, until then, I'm on my own. The price difference alone should be enough to go natural!!


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