Monday, April 25, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Alice Walker

"You told Harpo to beat me."....."You sho is ugly!"......"You said this be our juke joint!"......"How did he die?  On top of me." ....."You betta not never tell nobody but God."  ....."I'se married now!"...."Lettie!  Celie!"

These are lines penned by Alice Walker and powerfully performed in the epic movie "The Color Purple"  that I and my friends often quote.  I'll never forget meeting Alice Walker as a student at UNC-Chapel Hill and having the opportunity to get my copy of the book autographed by her. 

I was so honored to meet the woman who had written such a colorful (no pun intended) and meaningful story of survival.

Best known for her novel The Color Purple for which she won a Pulitzer prize, Alice Walker has written numerous novels, short stories, and poetry collections.  A known activist who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, her writings tend to focus on the struggles of blacks and of women in particular.

Ms. Walker is known for her locs.  Imagine my surprise as I was searching for pictures of her to discover that she has cut them and now wears a close twa.

In observance of poetry month, enjoy her reading of "You Confide In Me" & prepare to laugh.

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