Friday, April 29, 2011

April Length Check!

This is just a quick post to record my April length.  April marked 4 months since my big chop and 10 months post last relaxer.  Below are a few shots to show the length.  Using a tape measure I'm between 3.5 and 4 inches.  So let's say 3.75 inches on average. My next length check will be on my 1 year post relaxer
anniversary date which is June 10th!!!

1 more inch to the base of my neck!

Down below my eyes

Below the ear!

See how much my hair shrinks? Crucial!
I feel like I'm right on target with my hair growth of a half an inch every month. When I go to get my hair done on my anniversary date, I'll have Taji check for split ends to see if I need a trim.  Until then, I will keep up these growth promoting tips:

1. Cleansing and conditioning weekly
2. Moisturizing daily (look for an update to this now that I'm doing wash & go's)
3. Sealing and protecting my ends (especially when detangling)
4. Drinking lots of water!
5. Taking a a great multivitamin
6. Eating healthier (going to be more focused on this)
7. Exercising (just good for your body overall)

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