Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Lisa Nicole Carson

Lisa Nicole Carson is an African American actress best known for her supporting roles on two popular TV shows in the 90's, Ally McBeal and  ER.  She also had supporting roles in silver screen movies, Love Jones, Eve's Bayou, and Jason's Lyric.

Some of the most memorable traits of Ms. Carson were her awesome singing voice, her ability to always bring sharp humor to a situation, and her voluminous coily hair.

She hasn't been seen much recently but one thing we will never forget is her beautiful hair.  Though I was a fan of Ally McBeal, my favorite role to watch Lisa Carson in was as the best friend of Nia Long in Love Jones.  Maybe it was because I loved the movie so much but I just loved the authencity of her "girlfriend" conversations with the character Nina.

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