Monday, August 29, 2011

Journey to 100 - Kickoff Week - August 20 - 27th

So, my church had a free blood pressure screening last Sunday.  Mine was 130/90.  Not bad, they categorize it as "prehypertensive".  But since I have a genetic predisposition for hypertension, I decided to do my part by starting a cardiovascular workout plan.  When I left church I drove to WalMart and bought 2 DVDs.  Billy Blank's Bootcamp Cardio Sculpt & Dancing with the Stars Latin Cardio Dance (I took salsa lessons for 2 years so I figured this would be a fun way to work out).  I did the Latin Cardio Dance video for an hour on Sunday...check!  Here is the rest of my workout schedule for the week.

Saturday 8/20  -  20 min Arc Climber,  butterfly presses, barbell lifts, triceps pull down, shoulder press, and ab work at gym  - total work out time 1 hour
Sunday 8/21  - Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance DVD  - 1 hr
Monday 8/22 Billy Blank's Bootcamp Cardio Sculpt DVD  - 1 hr (my arms hurt so bad I couldn't lift air afterwards...LOL)
Tuesday  8/23  Donna Richardson's Sweating in the Spirit DVD  cardio portion only 30 mins
Wednesday  - REST
Thursday  8/25  Donna Richardson's Sweating in the Spirit DVD toning portion only 20 mins
Friday 8/26  Billy Blank's Bootcamp Cardio Sculpt DVD  - 1hr (easier b/c I used 3 lb weights but I was still sore in places that I didn't even know I had muscles)
Saturday 8/27  REST

I was very proud of myself!  Even though I have a gym membership, I didn't want the drive from the house to the gym to prevent me from working out so I worked out at home a lot this week.  I will change it up (DVD's, outside exercise, gym) to keep it from getting boring. 

What suggestions do you have for keeping my heart rate up that is creative so I won't give up?  I need continuous encouragement to keep me going ladies!  Any encouraging words are appreciated!

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