Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turning a Style from Expressive to Protective - Cinnabun Take 2

A puff is a convenient "go to" style for a lot of naturals, including me.  But one of the things that I have found is that a puff will leave my hair in tangles especially at the ends.  So it is best for me to create an updo that will protect my ends.  This isn't to say I will never do a puff, however, it will be rare for me to wear it on consecutive days.

I have done one take on the Cinnabun hairstyle.  Here is another.   This is a great protective style for the hot summer months to keep your hair away from your face and your ends protected.   Very little maintenance is needed, just an occasional spray with your favorite moisturizing spritz and go!

The pictures below show a comparison shot of the first Cinnabun look versus the most recent.

July 2011
August 2011   

I kept my flat twist in the front and accessorized with this cute headband.

 Please check out my friend, The Trendy Socialite's tutorial on how to create this look.  She's 2 years into her natural journey. 

So what protective styles have you tried?  How long do you usually wear your protective styles?

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