Monday, August 15, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Janelle Monae

This week's recognizable natural is Janelle Monae.  This young musician is being featured not only because of her natural hair but also her individuality of style. If you look at the pictures of Janelle, you can tell that she is strikingly beautiful, however she had chosen to redirect her fans to her music and performances by wearing a tuxedo as her signature performance costume.  I applaud her for consciously choosing to be different from the current pop culture in which women are often objectified and seen as sex symbols first and regarded for their talent second. 

Monae at age 25 is also a savvy business woman.  Though she is signed to Bad Boy records, their objective is really just to facilitate her exposure because she had already released an EP, Metropolis (Suite 1) through her own label, the Woodlands Arts Society.  She really did not need to be developed as an artist, she WAS an artist already when she arrived there.  She also had been featured on Big Boi's Idlewild, and he was the individual responsible for introducing her to Sean Combs.  Nice Job!

On the natural hair front, Janelle Monae is as well known for her signature coif as she is for her tuxedo.  Enjoy the pictures below which feature her in a way we rarely see her with her hair out.  Simply stunning!

Check out her explain the meaning behind her Grammy nominated single, Tightrope below.

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