Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Protective Style - Twist Out Up Do - Revisited

You may recall the twist out up do that I did back in May.  Well, I decided to revisit this style as a protective style this past week.  I used the Curls Goddess Curls  to twist my hair.  (Have a mentioned I like this gel for my twists?) Instead of untwisting the twists, I kept them in for a week, pinning them on the side.  Check out the pictures below.

After a week, I untwisted the twists & have been wearing a twist out. 

First day twist out

Day 4 twist out  - I retwist my hair each night.  I lightly mist my hair with my moisturizing spray and then twist in medium/chunky twists.  As you can see it results in a more fluffy twist out.

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