Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Transition!

Everyone transitions differently.  Some big chop (cut off all their relaxed ends) immediately.  Others, transition for a full year, carefully nursing the two textures of hair (relaxed and new growth).  Since I was already planning to get a full sew in for my trip, I utilized weaves for the duration of my transition, 6.5 months.  I had two installations of virgin Indian hair, and then a faux Afro weave install leading up to my big chop.  This allowed me to transition without dealing with the two textures, and to give myself time to follow others natural hair journey on Youtube.

This time was very valuable to me because I was able to change my mindset about how I personally felt about natural hair.  I realized that my natural hair journey was not only a physical transformation but also an emotional one.  I realized I had negative emotions connected to my natural hair.  I didn't believe it was pretty...I didn't think I would be attractive without relaxed hair.  I had to reassess why I believed that way.  I asked myself several questions:  Why was I so adamant that my mom give me a relaxer before I was a teenager?  Why I was so fearful of what my hair would look like when the relaxer ends was cut off?  What were my personal defininitions of beauty?  I answered these questions for myself.  I continued to follow other's journey online.  I was so inspired and encouraged.  Other friends who were going natural were also encouraging me.  Finally, I looked to my Father to see what He said about me.  I determined to make a positive confession about God's creation:  Psalm 139:14; I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Your works are wonderful; I know that full well.  (NIV)

I scheduled my big chop.

Below are pictures of my transitional phase:

June 2010 - Notice how thin my hair is in the nape of my head.

July 2010 - damaged ends, thin hair

July 2010 - Newly installed Virgin Indian Hair

July 2010 Side view of same install
September 2010 - 2nd hair install (Note: This hair was less quality than the first and pushed me closer to the BC - HATED IT!!! LOLOL!)

November 2010 - Faux Afro with Human Kinky Hair (getting myself adjusted to the natural "look")

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  1. You'd better work it out Nita! Looking forward to following your journey!


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