Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biotin & Water Challenge

So, I've heard a lot on YouTube and natural hair boards about Biotin and its positive effects on hair and nail growth.  I've also read a few articles online that states that there is no significant impact from using this vitamin supplement.  I realize that everyone is different so I have decided to take Biotin for 30 days to see if I notice any difference in  MY hair and nails.  Can't hurt right?  I chose the Vitamin Shoppe Biotin Supplement in 5 mg.  The manager of the Vitamin Shoppe recommended I take 2 per day for what I am trying to accomplish, so I will.

In addition, I recognize that I don't drink as much water as I should during the winter months.  I would much rather have hot cocoa, McD's Caramel Mocha (mmmm!), or a chai latte hot tea.  However, there are many positive effects of drinking water including improving your skin (the body's largest organ), healthy hair, increase in brain function and metabolism.  Based on my weight, I should drink about 70.8 ounces of water per day.  If I use the assumption that 20% of my water consumption will come from healthy foods that I eat, that will take me to 66 ounces of water daily (88.5 ounces on days that I work out).  That's four 16 oz. bottles of water per day. This will be my goal over next 3 months as we transition to warmer weather (can't wait for the spring!). 

Lastly, I want to create a healthy life long habit of taking a potent multivitamin daily.  The one I have selected is the Life Naturals Women's Life Force Multiple also purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe.  The directions state to take 3 to 6 tablets per day.  I am taking 3.

Feel free to join me in my challenge!  I will report back on March 1 to let you know how things have gone over the past month.

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