Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Curly Nikki Meetup!

So if you're familiar with natural hair blogs, you know that one of the most respected natural hair bloggers is Curly Nikki (  Her blog has a wealth of information about natural hair care, styles and issues.  Well today, I had an opportunity to not only meet her, but also some other wonderful and dynamic naturalistas!  She is very sweet, mingled with everyone, and spent quite a bit of time at the table where I was sitting chatting it up with us. 

One of the things that I loved about the meetup was all of the postive energy in the room.  For new and veteran natural sisters who have not been fortunate enough to have support in their transition to natural hair I would highly recommend joining one in your local area.  This was my first natural hair meet up and I look forward to visiting others that are hosted in the area.

In other news,  I've been working on my water consumption and vitamin challenge.  Vitamins are going well but that increased water consumption....whew...let's just say I feel like I'm literally floating at times...LOL.

Enjoy the pics of today's event!

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