Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recreating - Alicia Key's Empire State of Mind Hairdo

BlackOnyx77 does a tutorial on this hairdo on Youtube and I favorited the video during my TWA months.  Well, now my hair is long enough to recreate it...though it's not as long as Alicia's (duh!).  Pictures of the hairstyle and BlackOynx's tutorial is posted below.  Enjoy!

In my interpretation of this style, I started by stretching my hair by using the tension method to blow out my hair.  The hair dryer was set on medium heat.  Then I created two cornrows on each side of my head.  In the crown and bang area, I did 5 individual braids and curled them on perm rods.  In the back of my head I created medium sized 2 strand twists and also curled them on perm rods.  I used Curls Goddess Curls gel and my creamy shea butter mixture on my plaits and twists.  After my hair was set, I used coconut oil on my fingers as I unbraided and untwisted my hair.  I used hair pins to pin my bangs in a side sweep and used my fingers to pull my hair slightly in the rear to hide my parts and fluffed for fullness.

Here BlackOnyx77 shows her version on slightly longer hair. 

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