Friday, July 1, 2011

High Fashion Nails - Sally Hanson Salon Effects


This post has nothing to do with natural hair but I just wanted to share this find on my blog.  For the past couple of years celebrities have been fancying up their nails with a product called Minx nails.  Minx is a flexible polymer that is heated and then applied to your nails almost like a sticker.  They come in various high pigmented colors or printed with designs.  They have over 100 patterns and colors to choose from.  Cost for a full set, $50 - $60.  While I was at the NC Natural Hair Care Expo, the vendor with the toe jewelry had Minx on her feet.

So in looking for a cost effective alternative I found that Sally Hansen has a similer product.  Now they don't have 100 patterns, but they do have about 25 and the cost is $9.99.  Right down my alley.  I can apply it myself and it lasts 10 days.  These are actually nail polish strips so no heat is needed to apply and it will dry out if the strip is not applied soon after openning the packaging.  The best thing about it is that you don't have to wait for polish to dry and it's a great conversation starter.  On a couple of occasions, people have asked me if I was wearing Minx!  Pretty good, hunh?

This past weekend I purchased and applied the "Misbehaved" pattern.  Minx does have a similar pattern in their collection as well.  It's called Golden Lightning with Black Fishnet.  Check out the application progression below.

It comes with 16 strips so you can find a size that fits your nail.

After peeling away the backing, apply as close as possible to your nail bed.  It can be lifted and re-applied to make sure it's properly centered.  Press it down smoothly on the nail.
File away the excess.
All done!  On my thumb you can see where my nail bed isn't perfectly even.
Another shot.

Same hand after a week.  I've washed & styled my hair, done dishes, texted, they've grown out a little but still look fab!

Fly with Me Pattern - I wore this the day of the hair show.  It has a white background with butterflies.
Overall review, I love this product.  It has long wear and is easy to apply.  The price of $10 is cheaper than a standard manicure but I probably wouldn't wear this every week.  It's nice for a little change up though!


  1. Very cute. I was thinking about trying those but on my toes.

  2. where did you get the stickers for the scar over your toe, I need one?


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