Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lessons Learned 1st Year - Youtube & Natural Hair Blogs Are Your Friend!

As much as textbooks are to formal education, Youtube and natural hair blogs are to DIY natural hair care and maintenance.  Most of the information that I've learned I have gleaned from blogs I've read and Youtube videos that I've watched.  Hours upon hours of watching & reading that has paid off in the long haul.  I truly appreciate these women for spending their time creating these venues for us to learn!

Over the past year, there are some favorite Youtubers (or vloggers) that I've identified.  The ones listed below are for their product reviews/tutorials:

Kimmaytube - Natural hair education/retaining length
Deminpixie -  Product reviews
Dawnyele - Twist Outs

SimplYounique - Tutorials
BlackIzBeautyful (type 4 hair) - Tutorials

Keke52284 (type 4 hair) - Tutorials
br0nzeqt - Tutorials

The YouTubers below I personally like for hair/fashion/their comedic personality/or other topics they share:

The blogs I read most often are: (she's not currently blogging but she has some great info out there)

A lot of Youtube vloggers also have blogs, so I didn't list them but when you go to their channels you'll see their blog listed there as well.

I'm subscribed to about 50 YouTube channels but  didn't want to overwhelm you guys.  You may find others that fit your needs and what you're looking for, but I think this is a good start especially if you have very tightly coiled hair like I do.

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