Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get Up, Get Active!

Did you know that your hair follicles are fed by your blood stream?  Exercising increases the flow of blood to your hair follicles. So working out is a good thing not only for your body but for your hair as well!  Talk about fringe benefits!  So in addition to your hair regimen of co-washing, shampooing & deep conditioning, add 30 minutes of good activity into your day. 

You don't have to go to the gym to do this.  You could walk your dog in your Princess & me below.

Some other things you can do is ride a bicycle around your neighborhood.  Play chase with your kids.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.  Walk on your lunch break.  Jump rope.  Do a workout video at home.  Do Beyonce's "Let's Move!"  (SN:  I'm really feeling the tribute to salsa in this video!)

Also ladies,  I'm restarting my workout routine. The past two weeks I totally fell of the wagon.  So this post is as much to encourage me and it is to encourage you. I realize that working out also gives me more energy, helps me sleep better at night and improves my mood.  So I'm starting it up again for the 2nd time this year.   I had a great hour & a half workout this evening.  Working towards consistency!

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