Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recap: NC Natural Hair Care Expo June 11, 2011

Lateshia Leathers, Cathy Wilkins  & sister

I attended my first ever natural hair expo yesterday.  I went for two reasons, one I was a model in the hair show, but also to check out the vendors and get information.  Because of the business of the day, I didn't get to attend any of the workshops, but I did hit up the vendors.  There were several in attendance that you might recognize like Shea Moisture, Huetiful Hairsteamers, and Sarenzo beads. The types of vendors ranged from natural hair care products, to jewelry, body care, t-shirts, and make up artists.  Of course there were food vendors as well!  What I loved about the expo was that I got to spend time with my friends like Lateshia, Armelia, Cathy, and Chetoca who all came out.  I did buy a few items.  I also loved the comraderie of the other natural sisters that were there.  One of my biggest surprises came when I met one of my subscribers, Purplgirl48!  She walked up to me after I finished modeling and introduced herself.  I really wanted to get a picture but didn't have my camera because my friends were getting shots of the hairshow for me.  Shout out to her and I hope that our paths cross again someday!

Check out the slide show below to see pictures of the vendors I spotted at the Expo and a few of the purchases I made.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Nita!! Maybe we will see each other at CN meet up in July. Take care.


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