Sunday, June 5, 2011

Coming Up June 10th: My First Nappiversary!

There are many discussions about what constitutes one's natural anniversary date.  Some say it's the day that you started growing out your relaxer, while others say it's when you cut off your relaxed ends.  After thinking about it, I'm going to use the date of my last relaxer.  I'm using this date because it signaled for me a major transition in how I conducted my hair care. Honestly, once you decide to go natural, even though you have relaxed ends, you should start treating all of your hair as if it were natural. 

During this anniversary week I will be sharing things that I have learned during my first year being natural.  I hope the information will be more than just memories recollected for me, but also might help someone who is either thinking about going natural or newly natural.

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