Sunday, May 29, 2011

Updo with TwistOut

This weekend I went to a wedding (Congrats Richard & Danielle Koonce!).  I wanted to wear my hair in an updo for the occasion.  So I decided to revisit the Flat Twist Updo that I did back in March since my hair is a little longer and I decided to make a variation to the hairdo that Youtube's PrettyDimples01 did in her "Request Updo" video.

I also took this opportunity to try out the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding that I got from the product swap during the Eastern NC Natural Hair Meetup last weekend.  Let me just say to all naturals who want to try products without having to invest in them, you really need to join a meetup in your area.  Of course you have to be willing to share products that you have as well.  The 8 oz container of curly pudding I got was virtually full!   This product retails for $22.00.  Good deal for me!
After applying my leave in conditioner, and sealing the moisture in with coconut oil, I sectioned my hair from ear to ear and clipped the front of my hair out of the way.  Then I used my Ecostyle Olive Oil gel to slick up the back of my hair and pinned it upward with bobbypins.  I then began to two strand twist my hair with the Curly Pudding in the front in medium sized twists on an angle so my hair would lay at an angle.  I ended with 3 flat twists on the side.  I wore my twists Friday evening and all day Saturday and untwisted my hair for the wedding on Sunday.  I plan to retwist my hair at night and wear this style this week. 

I LOVED the results.  I must say that this is the best twistout results that I've had.  The Curly Pudding did initially leave my hair sorta crunchy but on Saturday I misted my twists with my moisturizing mist and it softened the hair right up!  My mist is the bomb!  See the pictures below of the twists on Saturday and the Twist out Sunday.
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  1. That twist updo looked really pretty Nita. I'm inspired. And your hair has grown a lot. Keep up the good work and stay encouraged!


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