Friday, May 20, 2011

Need Moisture? Vegetable Glycerin is the Answer!

Pure glycerin
Recently, I was asked the question, "What is in your moisturizing spritz?"  Well, here's part of my answer, glycerin!  Glycerin is a humectant.  What that basically means is that it attracts water.  All of us naturals know that our hair loves water.  Therefore, adding glycerin to your moisturizing spritz water bottle will help attract the moisture from the air to your hair leaving it soft and moisturized.  This is perfect for spring and summer time in NC!  Humidity we do well down here!

 I have added this to my spritz and refreshed my wash & go's with it and it not only immediately takes out any crunch that I did have and left my hair so soft. You can also apply when wearing protective styles to keep your hair moisturized. One word of caution, apply sparingly because over use will leave your hair feeling sticky.  Ask me how I know?  LOL  I only need to use my spritz about once every 3 days to get the softness & moisture I desire.

I purchased this 8 oz bottle of vegetable glycerin from Whole Foods and it cost about $8.99.  It has a syrupy consistency and has no aroma. 

In my first moisturizing mist I used a recipie of 75% water to 25% vegetable glycerin.  I then added 10 drops of peppermint essential oil for a slight fragrance.

For my next mist I will add aloe vera juice which is also a great moisturizer.  So my recipie will probably be something like 70% water, 15% aloe vera juice, and 15% vegetable glycerin.  With the addition of the aloe vera juice however, the mist will need to be kept refrigerated. 

Soon I'll have a a whole section of my fridge just for hair stuff.  I might need to invest in a micro fridge for upstairs...hmm a thought.   LOL

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