Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright is this week's recognizable natural.  You might not be familiar with this young lady however.  She is a powerful voice in the jazz world.  The daughter of a minister, she was raised in Georgia with strong roots in gospel and in the church.  Music however has been her passion and all of her educational pursuits focused on that love.  I first became familiar with Ms. Wright's music with her solo debut album entitled "Salt".  The title track from that album spoke to me and meant so much to me about being true to what makes me uniquely me and not allowing anyone or anything take that from me.  You'll find with all her music which definately jazz, is also folk with tinges of gospel.

I remember when I purchased that first album how confident I felt she must be to wear a buzz cut hairstyle.  Even then I remarked how regal she looked.  Over the years it appears that she has begun to grow it out a little, but keeps it low maintenance rocking it in a simple TWA.

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