Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Flat Twist Out - Hairstyle Fail?

This was an interesting hair weekend.  Saturday I shampooed my hair and was rushing to get to the movies and I did a puff with 4 flat twists in the front.  All I put on the flat twists was my leave in conditioner and some aloe vera gel.  That night when I took my hair down my twists had left some really cute spirals in my hair.  So I thought to myself, "Self, that would look cute all over!"  So Sunday morning, I decided that I would flat twist my hair all over.  Since all I had in my hair was my leave in conditioner, I just rewet my hair and started twisting with aloe vera gel. This is how it looked when I finished.

I had a get together that I needed to go to that Sunday afternoon so I untwisted the hair with coconut oil on my fingers.  The right side of my head came out fairly defined but the left side, not so much.  LOL  Here are the pictures below. 

See all that cottony goodness right in the temple area & on the side...yep definition fail...LOL

So to try to salvage the style, I have applied a little unrefined shea butter to the hair and twisted in regular two strand twists all over.  I twisted it Monday night and let it remained twisted all day Tuesday (I work from home on Tuesday).  So I'll see the results tomorrow......

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