Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Protective Style - Updo with Flat Twists

Now that I'm achieving a little length, I thought I would try out my first protective style.  I got the inspiration for this style from Youtuber  Keke5284.

She blew her hair out prior to performing this style but I decided not to for 2 reasons, 1. I was concerned about heat damage & 2. I knew I was going to use a cream based styler on my hair and it would cause it to revert anyway. Her flat twists are way neater and smaller than mine, I definately need more practice, but I thought since it was only my 2nd time doing flat twists that it came out pretty ok!

I used the Mizani Butter Rich on my flat twists and the Curls Creme Brule and aloe vera gel mix on my individual two strand twists.  I will leave this style in until Sunday which will be my wash day.  This could become a staple protective style if I can get my flat twists a little smaller and straighter.

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  1. Of your different hair styles, this is the cutest one yet. Keep up the good work, and you're right- Practice makes perfect!

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm just enjoying the journey and learning about my hair!


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