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We Are Not Our Hair - Sandra Dubose-Gibson, Mrs. Black NC 2011

Credit: http://www.myalopeicaexperience.com/

I was so inspired after reading about this young woman, I just had to share it with the public.  Sandra Dubose-Gibson was named North Carolina's first bald beauty queen as the 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina.  Mrs. Dubose-Gibson has Alopecia Universalis, which has caused her not only to be bald, but to lose hair all over her body.  Imagine learning at the age of 25 that you have alopecia and that your hair is going to fall out.  This is a time in a young woman's life where your appearance can be one of the biggest concerns of your life (second only to men, possibly).

For a few of the years following her 25th birthday, she wore a wig but in 2008 made her debut as a bald woman on her way to a bald photoshoot no less! Talk about courage.   Along her path of self rediscovery she has come to redefine what beauty is, turning what could be a devastating diagnosis for some into her purpose.  In 2009, she founded the Alopecia Community of the Triangle, a support group for those who have this disease.  Her mission extends beyond being just a spokesperson for those diagnosed with alopecia like herself.  In a statement she said, "My mission is to be the catlyst that enables women to heal the experiences that have eroded and challenged their self esteem.  I am here to help them see the beautiful human beings that they truly are and boldy celebrate that beauty and strength from the inside out.  Sandra has gone on to become a sought after public speaker, produce a documentary about alopecia, as well as record a song that speaks to the internal source of beauty.  This Saturday, March 26th, she was crowned as Mrs. Black North Carolina for 2011, the state's first bald beauty queen.  Outstanding!

As I read about her story it made me reflect back to the beginnings of my natural hair journey and how I too had to redefine beauty in order for me to even consider ending my routine 6 week relaxer visits.  Even though most people see me as this very confident woman, I had to conquer my own fears and deal with my own issues regarding what defined beauty to me.  Too often, we allow societal definitions of  body size/shape, skin color, hair texture and length create impossible measures which tear down our own value and self esteem.  Why do we as a society place more value on physical traits rather than non-tangible traits such as integrity, generosity, and honesty?  Have we forgotten that the physical is what we appear to be (temporarily because the physical will change with time) but our character is who we really are?

Since I did want to be comfortable with the woman in the mirror with her new hair, I turned my eyes to the Word of God for His truth.  The Bible told me that we were made in God's own image (Genesis 1:27).  How can there be anything wrong with someone made in the very image of God Himself?  How can we not love God's creation?  In Luke 12:7, the Word says that "And the very hairs on your head are all numbered; so don't be afraid, you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows."  God has so valued His children that He has taken the time to number every hair on our head.  Yet by allowing the opinions of society define our beauty and worth, we put God's opinion of us lower than the world's definintion.  I choose to agree with what God says about me and make this my confession to Him and the world.  "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well." (Psalm 139:14)   

Watch the video below to see Mrs. Dubose-Gibson embrace her baldness for the first time.  The lyrics to her song are posted below the video.  For more information about her please see her blog,  http://www.myalopeciaexperience.com/

I’m Beautiful” Song Lyrics

Featured on Project Liberation Soundtrack

Written and Performed By: Sandra Dubose-Gibson

Music produced by: Clayton Brock, Keith Carlyle and Rashaad Terrell

I used to think my beauty came from the outside
So the woman in my mirror I could not identify
I didn’t recognize my smile, my eyes, or personality
No regard for my intellect or the spirit in me
I admit that, I was wrong and my feelings had been hurt
But finally today I understand what I’m worth
And I’m beautiful
Inside and out- this is true Ooh- Ooh
I’m beautiful
With or without you, and so are you
The changes I’ve been through had an effect on me
Through the pain my eyes have opened and now I can really see
The real definition of me cannot be compromised
And my freedom came the day I realized
I admit that, I was wrong and my feelings had been hurt
But finally today, I understand what I’m worth
And I’m Beautiful
Inside and out- This is my truth Ooh- Ooh
I’m Beautiful
With or without you, and so are you
Take my advice my friend, don’t focus out- look in
No shortcuts to happiness, the work begins and it never ends
Then one day you will see my same reality
That after all of the pain and tears, there lies a beautiful me, A beautiful me……..
I’m Beautiful
This is my truth, this is my truth!
I’m Beautiful
With or without you, and so are you.
copyright 2008


  1. She truly is Beautiful.....not just "pretty"....but truly "Beautiful"!

  2. This is such a life changing thing for a woman to go through, god bless her strength. Thank you for such an inspirational story about a beautiful lady!


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