Friday, March 11, 2011

Recognizable Naturals - New Feature!

As we all know, popular media is filled with beautiful African American women who have relaxed or weaved hair.  For many of us (including myself), our definition of beauty has been sculpted or shaped because of the images we've seen over the years.  Well, I wanted to bring to the forefront some images from the media, people you may or may not know, who are natural.  Let's get this definition of beauty redefined, one picture at a time!  I hope to feature 1 person each week...let's see how many I can find!  Please note:  this does not mean that I am anti-relaxer or anti-straight hair.  I just don't think one look should be the "preferred look" by popular culture for African American women. 

This week's feature is Ms. Cynthia Bailey; supermodel and recent Real Housewives of Atlanta fame.  Her online portfolio from her website features several pictures sporting her natural hair and I think it's beautiful!  I don't think she's still natural now, but obviously at some point in her career she was! 

Please see her website for more of her gorgeous photos and to read about her start & success in the modeling industry.

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