Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hair This Week - Week of March 20th

Well, last week I attempted a protective style that I just didn't like over time.  I wore it for 2 days.  Then I went back to a wash and go for the remainder of the week and rocked my puff for the weekend.
Twist out in the front

Mini french roll in the back

Flat twists...and acne...I thought that was over after I passed puberty!

Love my it from Target!

Wash & Go - I used ECOstyler with Argan Oil.

For the first time this week, I felt less adventurous about my hair. I didn't really want to do any new styles. It was the 3rd week where I wore mainly wash and go's and I really liked the look!  It only takes me 30 mins to do a wash and go in comparison to an hour for 2 strand twists.  If I do it early enough in the evening, I can air dry before bedtime.  I used Ecostyler with Argan Oil for the first time and I like how it stretches my curls over the Ecostyler with Olive Oil.  I used a water bottle with olive oil and jojoba oil mixed (about 50/50 mix oil to water) to keep it dripping wet while I applied the gel.  It still had hold but not as hard as when I've used it before.  (I still prefer my hair soft to the touch.)  I'm tiring of wash and go's so I have decided to do another style for this week.  Let's see how I conquer the challenge of maintaining it.

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