Sunday, August 11, 2013

Revisiting Comb Coils on My Natural Hair

After advising Christyn to try out finger coils on her hair and seeing the below video, I really wanted to try coils on my hair again.

This time I made a few modifications to who I styled my coils.  I did as the video suggested and kept my hair soaking wet & soaked with gel.  The difference was instead of using my fingers, I used a rattail comb to style my coils.  In the past, my roots were never coiled tightly enough and would puff up before I wanted. I used my Koils by Nature Herbal Styling Gel on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.  I used Giovanni Direct Leave In for my leave in conditioner and sealed with organic coconut oil.  This style took about 5 hours to complete.  I did the front half of my hair on Friday night and styled the 2nd half of my hair Saturday morning. I maintain the style by sleeping on my silk pillowcase and just shaking my hair to loosen the curls.  

Check out my finished results!
Aug 2013 on medium length hair


Flash back pics from my previous attempts at coils.  I think this is my best set yet!

Sept 2012 on mid length afro

Sept 2012 on mid-length afro

Feb 2010 on TWA

Feb 2010 on TWA


  1. FabUlous Coils. How long will they last? Are they difficult to take out?

    1. They can last up to a week. For my maintenance, I sleep on a silk pillowcase at night. I found sleeping with a bonnet caused my coils to bunch up. Any frizzy or wayward twists I lightly mist with water and recoil & it straightens right now. I will create a coil out with this style which I will chronicle in an upcoming post. No they are not difficult to take out. I usually pre-poo & detangle before shampooing with this style so I don't create knots. But still a very easy style!


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