Thursday, August 1, 2013

Journey to 100: My Path to 10K

* #1 Just keep breathing, #2 after the run, so happy to be done, #3 the trail before us

I've found over the years is that one of the best things about friendship is being supported when you are trying to accomplish a goal.  Oftentimes, I'm less motivated about doing something for myself, but if its in support of someone who is close to me, I'm all in.  My best friend, Christina, has been doing 5K to 10K runs for the last year and hitting the pavement with Black Girls Run.  This summer, BGR is having a conference & race in Charlotte, NC & she is coming to this event.  Now understand, while I enjoy working out and will speed walk at the pace of the slow jogger (I'm 6'1 so I have an extremely long stride & I walk very fast.)I do not enjoy running. At. all.  My chest burns, my feet pound the pavement, I don't feel like I look good running at all....uggh.  But in support of my best friend, I'm going to try to do this.

Today I downloaded the free couch to 10K app for Android and got started.  Now let's just be clear, my goal is not to run the entire 10K (let's face it, it's 5 weeks away), I just would like to do  a comfortable walk run for the duration and my legs not feel numb when I get to the finished line.  So today I got started.  Another local friend & I completed the first day of the couch to 10K plan on the Neuse River Trail.  It consisted of a 5 min warm up, 60 sec jog, followed by 90 sec walk for 20 mins, and then a 5 minute cool down....30 mins total.

Let me tell you.  After the first 60 sec jog we both thought we were going to pass out.  But as we progressed along with the alternating walking & running, it got a little easier and the 60 seconds didn't seem quite as long.  It certainly helped to have a partner to do it with to keep each other motivated.  So day 1 is complete.  2 more days before we move to the 2nd week.

Christina, this is for you!

Side note:  I have joined Luvvie's #31WriteNow Blogging Challenge.  It means that I am committing to blogging continuously for the next 31 days.  Not all of my blog posts will be about natural hair or exercising.  In fact, there will be a variety of topics that I blog about.  My main goal will be consistent in putting up fresh content.  Interestingly enough, because I will have less time to plan my posts, my readers will probably will get a closer look into me personally because of it.  Well, I hope you enjoy.  And if there are any topics that you would like for me to write about during this 31 day challenge, let me know, I'll try to accommodate the request!


  1. I admire your commitment. I downloaded the Couch Potato to 5K app, but haven't really engaged it in the year I've had it. In fact I've fallen off the health wagon altogether and need to find my way back quickly! I'll be following your progress :)

    1. Thanks Lis! I need that accountability to keep me on track! One thing that I find that helps me to get back on the health wagon is simply to make a commitment to do 1 thing towards my goal. So maybe it's not drinking sodas for 1 day or cutting down to 1 a day or parking a little further away in the parking lot. Most times we get overwhelmed b/c we decide to jump all the way into a workout routine & change everything about our diet in 1 day and we can't sustain it. Achieving baby steps first and then making giant leaps I think is a much better road to success! I look forward to hearing back from you what you've done!


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