Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy International Left Handers Day!

Wait, before all you right handed people click off this post, just hold on!  This day is important to ME!  Why?  Because I live in a right handed world.  Did you know only 10% of people worldwide are left handed?  In fact, my mother, father and brother are all right handed.  I'm the only one in my immediate family!  People actually tried to get people to convince my mom to "make" me right handed by tying my left hand behind my back as a child.  Thank goodness she didn't, I love being left handed!  It makes me unique!

Though I am left handed, by preference, because we life in a right handed world, I do some things with my right hand.  I use a right handed mouse, I iron with my right hand, & I throw a football (tales of a former tomboy) with my right hand.  I eat and write with my left hand of course, I drive with my left hand, and I pick up the dribble (again former tomboy) with my left hand.  Interestingly enough, when salsa dancing, I spin better on my left foot than on my right.

There are quite a few famous left handers.  Former Presidents Reagan, George HW Bush, Clinton, and our current President Barack Obama are lefties.  Michealangelo, Prince William, Oprah, Julia Roberts, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all southpaws.  Numerous sports figures favor the left hand such as Bill Russell, Digger Phelps, Bill Walton, Barry Bonsds, Reggie Jackson & David Justice (a former crush).  A new close friend of mine is also left handed (*wink*).  Looks like I'm in good company!

If this world were mine......here are the things that I would change in favor of left handed people:
1.  spiral notebooks!  They would all be bound at the top!
2.  school desks!  They would have the hinge on the left side only.
3.  Turning left on red would be permissible.  (I know the driving rules don't allow for this now but wouldn't it be nice?)
4.  Both sides of restaurant booths would be open so I wouldn't bump into the wall when trying to eat if I'm sitting on the inside of the booth.
5. Scissors would be better designed for the left hand (the prime reason why I don't trim my own hair).

So if you know a leftie today celebrate them today!


  1. Happy Left Handers Day Nita! I'm a lefty too.

  2. Proverbs 3:16 ..... and in her left hand are riches and honour.


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