Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On Being Pensive....

Pensive - engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought

One of my most dominant but often unnoticed traits is how pensive I am.  I have a habit of replaying events, situations, scenarios, & conversations in my mind.  Not only do I think about things that have happened, I also think about the outcome of future events.  There are definitely great things about this.  One of the best things is that I tend to hold on to events & emotions that make me feel great.  Conversely, I tend to hold on to events & emotions that I'd rather forget.  This trait has helped me to not react purely based on emotion but to think about the potential outcome of my actions before I react.  It also can cause others to feel as though I'm not emotionally engaged in to what is going on around me.  That's not the case, my mind is simply reviewing, pondering, considering, and evaluating.

What I love about these pensive times (of which this past week was full of, both great & not so great) is that during it I challenge myself (in the words of Iyanla Vanzant) to sit in my own truth.  At the end of my cerebral review, I am able to make an honest assessment of the situation, whether positive or negative, determine how I will proceed and make peace with my decision.  I believe God has gifted me with this trait also so that I can sit quietly during these times (even in a crowded room) and allow His Spirit to speak to me.

I encourage you to take some time to review those events & moments that are significant to you.  Sit in your truth and make peace with your experiences.

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