Monday, August 5, 2013

Curly Flat Twist Out on Natural Hair

One of the things that I'm finding out with my natural hair journey is really that technique & understanding YOUR hair texture is the key.  After my hair trim I decided to do a flat twist out on hair & set it with rollers on the ends.

A couple of things happened that challenged this style.  (1) I finished the style at 1 am & went to bed while it was still wet.  (2) It didn't dry all the way by morning & I was trying to get to church.  I had to undo the twists & sit under the hooded dryer to get it to dry before fluffing.    This was the result.   My hair was very defined, which I loved, but I had no curls on the ends even though I slept in the rollers.

This week I saw this video.

The thing I noticed she did differently was that she didn't twist all the way to the ends.  So  I flat twisted my hair again during the day a 2 weeks later, let it air dry in addition to 15 mins under the hooded dryer and got this result.

I loved both twistout results but really like the 2nd one best.  I didn't get disappointed that my hair didn't look exactly like the girl in the video.  I appreciated the styling tip for a different look & will try it again.  Plus these were both successful flat twistouts!  I'm going to continue to practice flat twistouts because I love the additional definition it creates all the way too the root!

Which do you like best?  What styles had you previously given up on that you've finally mastered?

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