Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recognizable Natural: Malcolm Jamal Warner

As a child of the '70s & '80s (wait did I just give you enough information to pinpoint my age?? What was I thinking? LOL) One of my favorite TV shows to watch was the Cosby show.  Claire & Cliff Huxtable inspired me to aspire for greatness in my educational & professional pursuits and their teachable moments with their children were not only entertaining but also valuable.  And then there were their children.....Always getting into various types of youthful tomfoolerly, I learned from them what "NOT to do to be stay out of trouble with the parents!  (Side note:   I still remember to this day Claire saying to were out having BIIIIG fun with the Wretched!)

As I approached my adolescent years, Malcolm Jamal Warner, (Theo) became more of a teenage crush instead of just one of the kids.  He was the only son and often found himself challenged to reach beyond mediocre to succeed in school.  Finding out his character had dyslexia was a huge win for him.

Malcolm Jamal Warner has continued to achieve success in television, starring in Malcolm & Eddie after Cosby & later going on to start his own jazz/funk band, Miles Long.    Most recently, he has starred with Tracee Ellis Ross on Reed Between the Lines.  Even in this role, he still has that smooth way of conveying his point, those penetrating eyes that convey every emotion & those winsome dimples that make you just smile along with him.  He has recently abandoned his long locks for a close fade but on this last edition of the male version of our Recognizable Naturals during this month of love....I wanted to salute his past look.

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  1. He is such a gorgeous man! Could you tell me where the second picture (him in the leather jacket) is from? Is it a scene in a movie? Kind regards :)


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