Monday, February 11, 2013

Recognizable Naturals: Bob Marley

With this being the month of love and all, I figured I would give a shout out to the natural men we love!  Last night during the 2013 Grammy's, a tribute was given to Bob Marley so I thought it only fitting to feature him first! 

Bob Marley was the first Jamaican artist to receive international success.  Through his music, reggae music began popular outside of the island borders.  His music is seasoned with messages of love, peace, and gave voice to the social and political issues of his homeland & Africans.  Unfortunately, as with many musical legends, his music didn't reach its true popularity until after his untimely death at 36.  His posthumously released "Legend",  a compilation album went 10x Platinum (Diamond ) after it's release in 1984.

One of the signature attributes of Bob's character beyond his ever present guitar was his long locks.  Marley was a believer in the Rastafari movement and as a Rasta (though not universally practiced) was the practice of not cutting one's hair as is supported by Leviticus 21:5 & the Nazarite vow.  To a Rasta, growing locs is a spiritual journey and the use of scissors, razors, and combs is shunned.  Locs are allowed to "free form" meaning that they are created without manipulation from these tools and are only cleansed with water.

I was disappointed that the Grammy's only featured one of Bob's song during the tribute last night so I decided I'd post one of my favorites below.  Enjoy!

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