Monday, February 18, 2013

Recognizable Natural - Maxwell

Soulful.  Heart-throb.  Finnnnne!  Smooth.  Sexy.  Amazing.

These are all words that come to mind when I think of Maxwell. His name is one of the musical geniuses whose name is synonymous with the Neosoul movement.  His deeply emotionally passionate lyrics create music that you can feel in your soul.

Check they lyrics from the song that was his first hit and was the catalyst for the album Urban Hang Suite to go double platinum, Ascension....

It happened the moment,
When you were revealed,
'Cause you were a dream
That should not have been
A fantasy, real

You gave me this beating baby
This rhythm inside
You make me feel good, and feel nice, and lovely
Gave me paradise, sooo

Shouldn't I realize
You're the highest of the high
And if you don't know then I'll say it
So don't ever wonder
Don't ever wonder

Urban Hang Suite, with it hits like Sumthin' Sumthin', Til the Cops Come Knocking, & Whenever, Whereever, Whatever put Maxwell on the map.  His look also made him a fantasy heart throb with the ladies.  His bohemian fashion style and long loose hair made him dreamy.

After the album Now in 2001, Maxwell took a hiatus.  In 2009 he returned, must to his fan excitement with BLACKsummer's Night  and the hit single, Pretty Wings.  He also returned with a more GQ look, trading his long hair for a close fade and his casual clothing for a suit.  What remained true was his amazingly silky voice, his incredible falsetto, and his way of wooing every woman in the room.    We anxiously await the 2nd installment of his trilogy and we'll Fortunate to be serenaded by him again.


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