Monday, February 4, 2013

Recognizable Natural - Bibi McGill

If you watched Superbowl XLVII (Congrats to the Ravens!) then you knew that it was momentous for many reasons.  Two brother coaches played each other, this would be Ray Lewis' last game before he retired, Kaepernick, the 49rs freshman quarterback broke and continues to break records, & there were 3 African American female performers.  Alicia Keyes sung the National Anthem, Jennifer Hudson sung America the Beautiful with the chorus from Sandy Hook & Queen Bey did the half time performance.

One of the most memorable moments during the half time show was when the guitarist, Bibi McGill was given this moment to perform a solo.  Not only was she playing a guitar that had shooting fireworks, but she also had this amazing halo of Afro textured hair.  As one who has accidentally set her own hair on fire (warning to all, don't style your hair while tall candles are around - ijs), I was amazed at her fearlessness to have pyrotechnics all around, skillfully play this instrument all while NOT setting her hair ablaze.  Flacco may have received the Superbowl MVP, but I think Entertainer MVP should go to THIS sister.

Check out the feature that Curly Nikki did on her blog on Bibi by clicking here.

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