Friday, March 1, 2013

NaturallyNita Reviews: CurlyNikki's Better Than Good Hair

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I pre-ordered CurlyNikki's Better Than Good Hair in January before it went on sale to the general public.  One might ask why after 2 &1/2 years of being natural, countless hours of watching Youtube videos, reading various blogs and blogging myself did I feel the need to get this book?  One reason is always like to support other women who are doing something positive & pursuing their dreams.  Secondly, there is always something to learn.  I enjoy researching and learning new things that will result in me being the best me I can be.  After reading the book, I must say it does not disappoint.  Nikki states that she wrote the book to condense all of the information that is in her blog into a easy to use resource for new naturals and those who are curious about natural hair.  It does all that and more. 

This book does the following:
  • Prepares you for the emotional as well as physical transition of going from relaxed to natural
  • Talks about the various stages of natural hair growth from TWA to long natural & how to handle your hair at each stage
  • Helps you understand the natural hair jargon
  • Provides an extensive product guide
  • Has simple hair styling tutorials
  • Helps a curly develop a regimen
  • Provides a guide for dealing with children with curly hair
  • Talks about dealing with negative comments
  • Helps with the in between stage of hair growth  & much, much, more!
No matter where you are on your natural hair journey, I would strongly recommend purchasing Better than Good Hair.   Refer back to it when you are going through the various stages of your hair growth, refer to it when a fellow curly asks you for advise (better yet buy them a copy), dog-ear pages, highlight, try out new products from the product guide, get some information!

Pick up your own copy of Better than Good Hair by clicking here.

Also, don't forget that the fabulous Nikki Walton (aka CurlyNikki) will be at the Return of the Curls "Curls Gone Wild" Natural Hair Expo & Hair show in Greensboro, NC on July 13th.  Those who purchase VIP Tickets will get a copy of the book Better than Good Hair!  Purchase your tickets for the event here.!

 Have you read Better than Good Hair yet?  What is the most burning natural hair question that you would like to have answered?

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