Monday, March 4, 2013

Product Review - Bondi Bands

Me in plank position!

I haven't talked about my working out much lately on my blog but I'm officially back on track.  I've committed to working out 3 times a week as well as eating a healthy diet and it's been going well!  #5 stars

I recently wrote a blog post about working out with natural hair and shared some suggestions for how to maintain your natural hair while exercising.  In the post, I mentioned that I had recently purchased some Bondi Bands and would be using them during my workouts & would report back on the wicking qualities.

Product:  Bondi Bands (Heavy Sweat Wicking Headbands)
Price: $8.00
Where I purchased:  (excellent customer service)
Shipping: Free!
My review:  I usually wear these headbands during my Les Mills Body Attack aerobics class & my home workouts with either Julian Michaels (Ms. Drip Sweat herself) or Billy Blanks workout.  No matter what, I'm dripping sweat after any of these workouts.  Let me just say these headbands are wonderful!  I still sweat but the headbands wick away the majority of the moisture from the perimeter of my hair.  After removing them, I can almost wring water out of them & my edges are dry in less than 10 mins. 

All of the pictures above are post 1 hour high intensity workout.  In the close up of the band, you can see the difference in the color which shows how wet it is.  The last pic on the bottom right is after removing the band post workout.

I would certainly recommend these headbands to anyone who works out rigorously.  At $8 each you can certainly afford a variety of colors.  I'm enjoying my return to a consistent workout schedule & The Bondibands I've purchased have actually made  maintaining my hairstyle a little bit easier.  So I've just removed another excuse for you not to be active!  Let's get out there & get active!  #teambringsexyback!

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