Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Natural Hair Protective Style: Buns!

As is usually the case during this time of year, I wanted to give myself a break from styling my hair daily.  I typically  get a braided updo style but with my increasing length, I decided to try styling my hair in a series of buns!  I wore the following 3 buns over the course of 3 weeks. I loved the break, my hair stayed moisturized and protected, and I looked very chic with each style!  I can see me returning to buns for a quick style alternative throughout my hair journey.


Before setting each bun, I shampooed my hair, deep conditioned, & applied my leave in.  I then sealed the moisture with coconut oil & applied a moisturizer.  I smoothed my hair back with Koils by Nature Herbal Gel for each style.  I pulled my hair into a ponytail and 2 strand twisted the loose hair into 4 twists & then rolled and bobbypinned the ends down.

Bun #1  - Marley Hair Bun

I used Marley hair to achieve this bun.  I received my inspiration for this style from Jouelzy from Youtube's Empress Bun.  Her's is larger than mine but I followed the same concept. 

Bun #2 - Low Side Bun with Side Part

For the next week, I decided to change it up and create a low side bun.  This time instead of using Marley hair, I used regular braiding hair and bobby pinned it around my ponytail.

Bun # 3 - Bun with Center Part

First of all do you see those waves?!  LOL!  I used the same braiding hair for this bun as well.


I tied my hair down each night with a satin scarf.  In the morning, I would rub coconut oil over my hair for sheen.  If my edges needed to be slicked mid week I would add the Curls Paste to smooth them down.  

I loved these options!  What is your favorite protective style?

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