Friday, December 7, 2012

Rope Twists - Super Defined Twist Out

 At the meet up with Felicia Leatherwood, she demonstrated to the audience on my hair how to create an even more defined twist out by using the rope twist technique to create a two strand twist.  Essentially, you twist your strands separately & then twist them together (in 2 strand twist fashion) to create the twist.  Make sense?  No (LOL!), well check out Youtuber iknowlee's excellent demonstration in her video tutorial below.

 Here is how my hair looked after twisting.

And after untwisting:

 Products used:

Koils by Nature Shealoe Leave in Conditioner, Hair & Body Butter & Herbal Gel
Aren't my earrings fierce?!   I love them!  I got them from Sarenzo Beads.  I think they are called stud earrings.

 I'm not a makeup expert but I'm just showing my make up look here.  Thanks to my friend, Minerva Danzler for reintroducing me to the red lip!  I loved my golden eyes too!
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