Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Protective Style - Low Bun (for any length hair)

To create this style, I created medium sized 2 strand twists in my hair with the KeraCare Butter Cream everyday moisturizer.  Then I smoothed my hair back into a low ponytail with an Ouchless Ponytail holder.  To create the fuller bun look I cut and rolled a piece of Marley braiding hair, wrapped it around my poneytail and secured with the Goody Ouchless Hair Clip.  I twisted smaller 2 strand twists for my bang, unravelled and pinned to the side for a bang.

For a slight variation on another day, I did a tuck & roll on the sides and then brought it down into the bun.  I also did a little pompadour in the front instead of a side swept bang.

Natural hairstyles do not have to be complicated or extra time consuming!  Both of these were simple to accomplish and were quick to achieve!

What are some of your favorite quick & out the door "go to" styles?

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